Facebook and its She++ Strategy

Facebook and its She++ StrategyFacebook’s way of innovations doesn’t have boundaries, and it is natural because the word “innovation” and “boundary” are incompatible. Its spirit of solutions is felt in its every working field, and now Facebook concentrates its attention on women…stuff. The main condition is high quality, because Facebook is looking aggressively only talented programmers, engineers, designers, and ad people. Jocelyn Goldfein – Facebook’s Director of Engineering – underlined at Facebook’s she++ conference that the company’s employees develop its strong basis and are its main capital (“deep bench”).

Facebook managing leaders raise a question of women engagement in social network industry. Surely only one this attempt to say about this feminine problem will increase Facebook’s popularity among weak representatives of our society, and the network will get thousands of likes for Facebook. Mike Schroepfer – Facebook Chief Technology Officer – noted that there a little amount of women graduates and little social media women employees accordingly. It is a common problem of social networking and not only this web segment, but probably every technical field.

Facebook does the real steps in the direction of educating and recruiting young talented feminine generation of technical, economic, and beauty sciences. The company works with Grace Hopper Conference and Anita Borg Institute. Moreover, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and CTO Schroepfer have given lectures once in quarter at CS classes in Stanford’s introductory. And as Zuckerberg admits that thousands of undergraduates take the computer science classes (CS 106A) but only a very little number of them keep studying and becoming technical professionals. The Facebook’s aim is to show the real demand for this kind of professionals and the possible ways of their talents realization.

Facebook’s high-minded approach to achieve positive result in resolving of “pipeline problem”, or skilled feminine personnel, for the all members of industry is very impressive. Cheers and likes for Facebook!

There is a great number of women who want to work for Facebook but very few of them can be found in the sea of real candidates.

The company is going to launch a summer Facebook University program for reserving the problem of applicants. Traditionally their summer programs’ interns are graduate students or juniors and seniors in computer science, but now Facebook is going to invite novices, first year undergraduates, and teach them the main principles of engineering, progressively for mobile coding, and make them feel the Facebook’s working atmosphere. And, you know, two third of this summer courses will be female!

23 May 2013
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