Facebook Ads Fair: How To Use It Properly

Facebook Ads Fair: How To Use It ProperlyNo one argues that despite all recent losses in users and popularity to its noble rivals, Facebook remains the #1 venue for friendly communication, news sharing and doing all possible kinds of social activities online. Business-making is not an exception. Facebook was fast to get the trend and offer wide range of ways to promote one’s business on Facebook – from liking pages to buying ads space and FBX.

The point is that any self-respecting entrepreneur should not neglect the opportunity to reach the wider audience of potential clients and let the world know about the venture.
Here are some tips on how to roll a successful marketing campaign on FB:

# 1. Use the Facebook business page to the full extent – they are designed to promote your business, so grab the opportunity. FB business page does not only allows posting the lists of products and getting Facebook likes, it also allows filling the page with different content which better engages a potential customer into what you have to offer. This content may be funny videos, witty quotes, pictures or links to other valuable stuff – anyhow make your page interesting and worth visiting. If you are selling car tires – go ahead on some car news, concept cars, thrilling or funny videos, and maybe some analytics on how tires differ and why yours are the best solution.

#2. Classical Ads Placing – remember those columns of small advertisements on the Facebook page sidebars which lead a user to either FB page or a web site? This is it. The ads placement can be regulated in numerous ways – through gender and interests targeting, budget setting, built-in performance measurement etc. These ads are a good way to increase Facebook likes, if not to gain new clients.

#3. Hold various contests – no matter how small the prizes are and how primitive these contests may seem. Facebook policy forbids running contests right in the network, but it is allowed to redirect users to third-party pages where competition takes place. It really makes your venture more interesting to people – and also promises to increase Facebook likes.

#4. Remember about Promoted Posts on Facebook – they are really important. They do guarantee that users will see your posts in any case and it will not get lost in the swamp of other news. Even the fans of your page may miss the news from you, so ensure that they do get access to it – through Promoted Posts.

#5. Sponsored Stories rule! Yes, they do. It is a kind of personalized ad, when a person says what he/she is doing (or eating, or watching) right now and this current activity gets broadcasted to a person’s friends. Sponsored Stories again assure that this bit of news does not get lost in the newsfeed and thus promise more of promoting effect.

#6. Open Graph Opportunities. This option allows transmitting user’s action in a certain app. So if you have some app, you may link it to Facebook, and any actions a user takes will be broadcast to all friends. It also increases possibility of engaging people in your app (and business) significantly.

#7. Facebook Exchange (FBX). Real-time bidding options, targeting, retargeting and all the new fun Facebook has recently presented to users. The technology is still being improved and tested for productivity, so why not go and try?

3 July 2013
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