Enormous Growth Of Unique Visitors at Facebook

After new design of like and share button, Facebook estimated approximate growth of referrals this autumn and announced 47.44% of increase that is, at any rate, considerable change for publishers. If to take time period between autumn 2012 and autumn 2013, so skyrocket referrals have grown up to 169.88%. As it was announced by Shareaholic website, 200,000 Facebook publishers have received over 250m unique visitors during one month.

However, specialists from Shareaholic assume that both, those who installed new likes and share button and those who don’t, felt a considerable growth.

Danny Wong, from marketing department in Shareaholic, wrote about it in a blog. According to his opinion, users changed general attitude to sharing and content posting. And he offered 4 interesting explanations of that phenomenon:

  1. New feed from Facebook is really effective and it drives additional comments, likes, shares and other actions. If Google periodically changes its algorithms, so why Facebook can not launch new look of feed, to make people actively use the social platform?
  2. Growing number of Facebook users. If to believe statements that we hear from Facebook Company, so total number of their users is growing up to 25% yearly. Today they already have 728m registered users. Monthly activity of users has increased to 18%, while other 1.19b use Facebook les actively. Any social platform will die without users, so Facebook coped with the vital aim – to grow number of active users.
  3. New design of Like and share icon brought good results: Many website have a Facebook button, so it was counted that approximately 22b times people see the button on 7.5m websites in the internet. Communication via Facebook became a good habit for modern people. Also, it turned out that mainly readers use share button and generate more traffic.
  4. Act of sharing became indispensable part of communication and entertainment in social network. There are thousands of entertainment websites, that make funny content, stimulating men and women of all ages, including younger generation share it among friends, colleagues and relatives in networks. People feel themselves happier when they get approval and comments for their posts.

Surely, I may be mistaken in certain issues. But our analytical systems show that Facebook stays the main generator of traffic to a website. It is a great potential for referrals and people know it.

What is your personal opinion towards this issue? How does Facebook manage to stay main referral traffic source? 

6 February 2014
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