Do You Want to Increase Likes from Facebook Users up to 40%?

Possibly, you have good reaction to Facebook posts and people click the icons with Thumb-up. In spite of this fact you can get even more. It is not a fantasy! Read to know how.

Basic Rules to Follow

Here we listed major points you need to remember and apply for every post on Facebook.

  • Define top themes that may be interesting to your fans.
  • Avoid using personal pronoun; do not write only about yourself.
  • Make all efforts to stimulate people leave comments, share content, etc. For example use such phrases: tell us, click like button, express own opinion and so on.
  • Check reaction of people on every post and make judgments.

Find the most effective strategy for Facebook likes gaining.
If you have achieved good results in Facebook promotion, do not stop and think about ways to get better results.

What about posts frequency? How often do you post fresh content and what source for inspiration you use?

I found two interesting systems from InfiniGraph website and now I will share them with you.

  • Hypercuration™: This tool can perform full analyzes of selected Facebook account and compare it with main competitors. Consequently you will get data about the hottest posts and comments to them.  This info can be applied to your Facebook page.
  • Reposting plus Content Optimization: This product shows detailed analysis of pages on Twitter and Facebook, denoting the highest activity of users. So you will know the best days and time to post content to build strong connection with your audience online

Frankly speaking, Hypercuration is very good and useful product. Just imagine the situation: you optimize a page on Facebook for selling lingerie. In Hypercuration you can compare your page with popular lingerie brands, like Victoria’s Secrets, Pretty Polly and Hanky Panky. You automatically will get the optimal posts for own page.

From the screenshot below you will see the most popular posts from The New York Times.

And this picture illustrates search by brands from InfiniGraph.

12 February 2014
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