Do-Nots: What You Should Not Incorporate Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do-Nots: What You Should Not Incorporate Into Your Social Media Marketing StrategyIt is okay to say that every business today should have its Internet outlet. It is okay to say that Facebook and Google now are best places to advertise and hunt for customers. It is okay to say that lots of Facebook fans guarantee popularity and revenue. It is okay to say that hey, if you do not have an account on Facebook by now you are a true relict of the epochs long forgotten (let’s skip the most juicy epithets). And so on. But as soon as you start asking question on HOW to join all that Internet fun and get a bit of the Internet pie, most advisors stubble and say “well, just do it, there is nothing special about it” – and hurry away on some very important affair. You have probably met such good-wishers. And do not want to meet again.

Yet they are right about one thing – if you have a business, you should go Internet. Let us think a bit what you should and should not do there to keep your business developing and thriving.
First point ever: Facebook Founding Fathers have noticed that Facebook could be successfully used for making money and kindly provided opportunities to do it. Facebook Fan Page is the proof. Keep your business and your private life separately, that is, if you have your personal FB page, do not try to fit your business affairs into it. Instead start a separate Fan Page where you can invite all your real friends and ask everyone in the vicinity to join it without the fear of some personal abuse of threats to your close people (everything can happen). Besides, purely business page looks neat and serious, it is easy to manage and navigate, and just imagine the confusion of users who would have to search for business updates and news among all the stuff we usually collect on our personal page. Besides, business-making on Profile Pages is limited technically, as one is allowed to have up to 5,000 followers. We hope that your business will grow far beyond this limit, so move to the Fan Page beforehand and invite as many fans and customers as you want.

Next point. Okay, you have set up a Fan Page. Filled it with the content you wanted. What now? Now the work just begins. The page should be living and breathing. It should be updated regularly, get new posts, links, pictures and everything that may attract new Facebook fans and make want bring their friends here, too. A couple of posts once a week will never do. Neither will one post per day. Ask how often your kids post to their walls? How often do you check your business email box (if you do not hang on FB that much)? This is the answer. At least three times a day – posts may be brief, status updates, a link to an interesting article you have just come across (for sure related to your trade). And pictures. And videos. It is a good way to involve your kids (if you have any) or friends – to ask them to help you with updating the page. Just instruct them what to post – for sure you have some geek friend who will do it for you. His turn, your turn – and the page moves forward and engages the readers.

The last but not the least – do not try to limit your fans to your page only. Share links to useful and interesting stuff and urge them to go and read it (or see). The more interesting things they will discover under your guidance, the oftener they will visit your page, knowing that it is really worth visiting.

8 July 2013
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