Best Strategies to Get More Facebook Likes

Best Strategies to Get More Facebook LikesWith the introduction of the Internet one of the most brilliant thoughts on using it was advertising. Business or any other kind of affairs always needs space for placing ads and audience to which these ads would be provided. The Internet offered valuable opportunity to expand the space and the audience for advertising to the unbelievable scale.
At first, email advertising was the solution, and companies were expanding the lists of their addressees at any price – even if methods of getting new emails were not fair or honest. As spam filters got more and more sophisticated, the attention of advertisers moved to other realms of web opportunities. Social networking boom gave a clue as to where to look. People spend more and more time in Facebook and other popular networks, instruments of approval and disapproval – Facebook likes, Facebook followers and fans – now shape audience opinions even more efficiently than television does. It is logical to suppose that advertising on FB will also be quite efficient and will attract new customers to your venture – provided that he business page has sufficient amount of Facebook likes and fans to look really respectable.
So here is a list of tested and workable strategies how to increase the amount of Facebook likes and as a result get more clients for your business.

  • Keep the Facebook account active. Refresh its content, write new posts, do not let it look stale – no one is interested in outdated goods or services. Business page as it is, it should be interesting (text plus pictures, videos, a bit of fun) and engaging, this is the key to winning attention and “likes”.
  • Use plugins on all your websites and blogs to allow quick liking of your FB page.
  • Free download of interesting stuff – in exchange for liking the Facebook page. For example, allow watching video only to those who liked your page first.
  • Product giveaway – attract those who like “free lunch” with some gifts in exchange for likes. If you hit, say, 1,000 likes, you will give a discount to everyone who “liked” you. People will bring their friends in hundreds to get it.
  • Competition and prizes – naturally a winner is the one with biggest number of likes. The easiest one – post a photo and collect more likes than others – and this wonderful cup (pen holder etc.) is yours.
  • Enliven your posts – more pictures and videos.
  • Show links to other materials on the web related to your trade on your FB page and be the first to “like” it. Give the example and people will follow it.
  • Text liking – some prefer doing it through call phone messages, so open this niche for them.
  • There is a lot of FB groups united over some business interest – join them to get more likes and followers.
  • Be ready to do guest blogging and commenting in others’ blogs and pages related to your business branch – you will definitely attract attention of people following them.
  • Paid Facebook ads program – you will have to pay for it, yet your ad will be shown to all people reading their page, commenting or engaged in some other activity on FB
26 June 2013
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