Best Policy is or What Secrets does Facebook Hide?

Best Policy is or What Secrets does Facebook Hide?

Facebook is good for socializing. True. Facebook is good for making friends and keeping in touch. True. Facebook is good for those wishing to practice their foreign language while chatting to people. True. Facebook contains many nice photosand interesting links. True. Facebook is good for nothing else. False.

Facebook is a huge kingdom of opportunities. Among others, Facebook allows voicing approval or disapproval and sharing it with many people almost immediately. If people agree with it they spread it further. It is called viral spreading. People may try to knock someone down by spreading false information, but usually Facebook is used with more amiable intentions. Those who do say something or give their likes have mostly positive motives, so typically likes are very reliable indicators of quality of item under question.

While starting some kind of business and planning to promote it on Facebook, it is important to get followers, fans and regularly fill the page with new posts. This is OK. But the reliability of your enterprise, the attention paid to it, the desire to show appreciation become obvious through two means only – comments and likes. Likes are not fashionable obsessions of teens and hipsters only. It is extremely powerful instrument of persuasion and promotion. Why “The Best Policy is…” stand as the heading? Because Facebook likes do prove your honesty as a businessman and invite others to join and try. Honest and well-done job (or provided services, or sold goods) will obviously collect a good deal of likes, thanks and positive comments. To get Facebook likes for your page is no more a joke; it is a good strategic step and investment into future success.

No one would ever reprimand a person running his or her venture for buying good equipment, hiring professional and offering truly good products. On the contrary, it would be regarded good strategic planning and widely approved. Well, if you decide to get Facebook likes by purchasing them, you may hear different opinions. But as we already agreed, business needs investments. Initial number of likes on your page will show to first visitors that it is already popular and actively visited. Thus it is recommended for newcomers to stop on their surfing way and read what’s on offer, and probably buy something, because everything is checked and approved by other consumers.  Later on likes will come to your without your interference, but to begin with, give yourself a good insurance policy – nice number of Facebok likes.

27 February 2013
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