Advertising on Facebook

Targeted advertising on Facebook can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and lets you get the most value from it by delivering relevant messages only to those you specify as your target audience, according to targeting options such as their likes and interests, age, gender, groups to which they belong, qualification and education, job titles, pages they like, apps they use.

Still, if you want a successful Facebook campaign, you need convincing images, titles and texts. Proper choice of those starts with defining your key selling points that are unique about your product or service and make you stand out from your competitors. These selling points are what your advertising campaign will be based on. They should be included in the title(s), supported by images and texts that attract attention and make people click on the ad, like your Facebook page, browse through your product selection or wish to buy something at a special price.

When planning a Facebook campaign, it is better to make several different versions of the ads, in order to find out which one is the most effective and provides more clicks, likes or sales, or which one appeals most to a certain age group or interest group. Choose from different types of ads that Facebook offers, preferably several of them to see which type works best for reaching your specific goals and targeting specific audiences.

If you have an online business, you need to test which people are interested in what you offer, what are their specific interests and needs. So set a budget for your Facebook campaign, taking into account that you might have to begin with spending some of it on the testing phase. When you get to know what your target audience is as well as what type of ads it responds to best (or what target audience responds best to particular texts or images) you can select specific targeting options and deliver your message to the right customers.

Testing is very important for a successful ad campaign on Facebook. If you do not prepare and test different combinations of text and images as multiple types of ads, the performance of your Facebook Ads may drop after a few days. This is called Facebook Ad Fatigue, which occurs because when users see your advertisement many times, they stop reacting to it, and your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) drops. That’s when Ad Rotation is really helpful if you have multiple ads.

19 December 2015
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