7 Methods That May Help to Get More Likes From Facebook Users

It is obviously, that likes for brands and corporate organizations are less important comparing to likes for usual people. People desire to receive likes and thus recognition.

This article is built on main 7 methods that will bring you success, popularity and lot of likes.

  1. Forget about being the spoil sport: In most cases it is better to think better and do not make rush decisions. We want to say that if you do not have interesting post or idea how to impress your Facebook fans today, so put it off till the next day. Facebook is a place where people prefer to forget about boring things and plunge in another reality, full of fun, entertainment and cool time sharing. That is why the main rule works here: when people log in Facebook, it is very likely they do not want to read about boring things, complains and listen somebody’s nagging. Do you agree? Facebook is a perfect world for expressing feelings, sharing emotions and drawing inspiration. People click Facebook account and strive to read jokes, funny news and stories, so give them what they wait from you. Focus on posting interesting, fresh, actual and cool content and boost your likes level. Researchers and media specialists have announced in 2012 that positive posts are more popular then dull news. Generate positive content. Never add posts, if you are not sure in their positivity. Ok?
  2. Choose the role of a trade manager. If you want to get more likes for an update, so find the same account in Facebook with similar audience. Contact owner of that profile and arrange simple deal: they post your update and their fans add you likes. Of course, you should do the same favor for them. Tit for tat, and there is no sense to invent something bigger. Bear in mind that account you choose should be similar to your. It is the main secret of this method. Apply your trade talent and benefit from this cooperation. You get likes and they get likes, everything is fair.
  3. Do not be selfish. Remember, Facebook was created not personally for you and your profile is not one. The world will not spin around you only. Possibly, everyone had a negative dating experience with a person who was speaking all the time and it was hard to say a single world. This situation can be applied to Facebook society! If you want to be heard, listen other people, make comments, and interact with them. It is a well-known fact that using “you” pronoun instead of “I” gets more sympathy from people. Amount of comments under your posts depends on comments and feedbacks you write. Demonstrate your presence and real interest in what is going on.
  4. You will need to say a lot. Recent research has shown that long posts impact the target audience better than short ones. Possibly, it is related with the fact the more information you publish, the more users get involved with your content. Use this advice in your social media account. But you should understand that users may even not to read the post up to the end, so define optimal length of update. By the way, do not write useless words without meaning (something like Cheers, Ur, etc.) Write only essential things and draw attention of readers right from the first word.
  5. Be realistic and give people what they want to read. There is nothing strange in a fact that people desire to grasp new concepts and get vital plan for successful life being. Act as a psychologist and people will read your updates again and again, reposting and surely clicking likes icon. Find individual approach to every potential visitor of Facebook page. Very often books hide wise things, easing our attitude to life and society we live in. Now you understood? Become something appealing for them, you can do it if to think about own preferences. Sit down and think for a while about general life principles people may be interested in. If you manage to find a key to your Facebook audience, so every next update will bring you hundreds of likes.
  6. Become a real friend. Sometimes virtual world is unfair. When some people open their soul and want to get real help, others just type silly comments during their coffee break. Remember, you should become real, sympathetic and the same time funny friend for your fans. Thus, they will be grateful for every posted word. Even if you live in the ideal world, you are the happiest person and your life is the best, do not write about it. Be ready to listen your readers and stop boasting.
  7. Be repeated and regular. Actually, we want to say, you have to be changeable with your updates. For example, today post cute photo, tomorrow add a video or brilliant quote. These simple things will obviously make somebody happy for a while. It is very likely that simple things will make Facebook users react actively and share your fresh updates. Give them variety and change type of updates. Allow them take inspiration from your content and then success will be at your side. Good Luck!
29 December 2013
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