5 Ways to Attract Consumers Using Free Online Services

How much would you pay for a perfect promotion that makes hundreds of potential consumers informed about your goods or services? Time to save money and to use free tools for online commerce – let your business gain popularity for free.

The only things needed are creativity, enthusiasm and following some easy instructions. Here we go!

Participate on sites for professional exchange

LinkedIn is a huge social site that is used for sharing and finding business contacts. Fast growing site community has more than 20 millions of active members. Creating a LinkedIn group is free but can bring to you priceless results. You can use all kinds of promotional tools for your business within your group and link your posts with your site that will increase traffic and will make your goods being sold faster.

As well, you can use your group for hunting best heads to work for your company or organization.

Find your clients on YouTube

Modern consumer reacts faster and better on a short, eye-catching commercial messages than on longer, more informative but fewer attractive ones. As a rule – short videos work better than any text. YouTube is the biggest and the most visited platform for video exchange that has ever been created. Before posting your videos make sure that they have light and interesting content, appealing picture and unique headline that is easy to remember.

Introduce your goods to a star from a neighborhood

Instead of spending your time and money on attracting celebrities of national and international levels – aim your efforts on local stars who live near-by.

Local newspapers, sites and TV will give you a tip where to find famous people in your area. The most efficient way to attract stars to your business is to send them a free sample of your goods.

Tell about your business in a popular internet magazine

Assure blog and site editors that the information that you are ready to share with them can be useful and attractive for readers. And get a chance to publish an article or a short review on your goods in a frequently-visited online sites.

Be also ready to provide some free samples of your products for having a positive feedback from blog or magazine readers.

Become a writer of an Internet book

Change valuable information concerning your business into an interesting book that will not only promote your products but will bring little extra income as well. Being an internet book-writer doesn’t require any spends on editing, printing and spreading your books as it does in the offline world. Use free platform specialized on selling book such as Amazon that allows you to keep the price extremely low and gives a nice chance for your readers to get the book they chose for a couple of dollars only.

11 January 2016
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