3 Steps to Become Closer to Each of Your Consumers

Development of internet trade has changed relationships between a seller and a buyer from formal to lighter and more personalized form. Online consumers tend to choose those selling sites where they can get not only a high-quality goods and optimized service but also to have some fun. To establish a strong connection, and a feeling of a personal acquaintance is now possible sharing some positive news about you and your activity in blogs or social sites. Here are three main clues to raise your business up to a more personalized level:

Time to show

Be sure you are ready to show some of your real life to others. Using social media is the easiest way to illuminate barriers between yourself and your clients.

Most of the internet buyers suffer from online stores being too automatized and soul-free. Though more and more people are choosing e-sites for shopping year after year, most of them miss the intimate and friendly conversation that could often happen in a street market. Sharing some interests on your sites, blogs or personal internet profiles will create a feeling of a personal presence and participation in the process of purchasing.

Keep the limit

Do not go too far in showing your personality off. Even if people are getting interested in knowing you better, don’t forget that your main aim is the promotion of your goods and services. Too much personal information can turn your page into a boring diary nobody is interested to read. Moreover, it can scare online consumers away from your store. The same may happen if your life stories are long and too detail. Take care about protecting yourself and members of your family from incorrect behavior of internet users: do not share things that are too personal or sensitive, avoid sharing pictures and texts that can be misunderstood and also hide your personal address, phone number, etc.

Modesty is not a trend

Pay great attention to achievements of you and your business being totally replayed in your internet posts. Do not be shy to provide your consumers with reasons to choose your goods among hundreds of others. Give your clients a chance to participate in your commercial promotion by leaving feedbacks, comments and testimonials available to an internet community.

Use tools to show that your store is popular, visited and loved. This fact will help to attract more consumers to your goods and to make it easy to gain public trust.

12 January 2016
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