10 Hidden FB Features That Will Work Wonders for Your Business

There are many reasons why the number of business pages on Facebook is boosting. Top executives use them as multifunctional tools that can be utilized for communicational, promotional, informational and other purposes. All FB pages look much like ordinary profile pages but offer much more features than simple accounts. Split testing, effective analytics, post-scheduling are only some of those incredible features. Check out the whole list!

1. Customizable Tabs

Not that long ago, it was hard to tell FB’s business pages from standard profiles as they had a pretty much the same look. The things have changed as now you can customize the content visible for users with the aid of tabs. The most widely used tab is wall as many businesses concentrate their attention on it. So, it’s the place where the most of posts pop up and the major interaction takes place. Tabbed layouts make it easy to relocate certain wall sections to other places, i.e. a comment section or a base of uploaded photos. Using these tabs, you encourage users to explore the page and spend more time there.

2. Unpublished Posts

Power marketers call them ‘dark posts’ while many entrepreneurs don’t have a clue about these features. Unpublished posts are specific posts on your page that are used for split testing to determine the efficiency of this or that ad. Basically, such posts are visible only for the users who have direct links as this content doesn’t appear on your page. Such tools are super-effective for blog links, promotional campaigns and app conversions. Furthermore, it’s easy to create a landing post for users who haven’t followed you yet whilst hiding the ‘Like Us’ button for those who have. To produce unpublished posts, a special Google Chrome extension known as Power Editor is needed.

3. FB Page Insights

Facebook has launched its version of Google Analytics which is known as Page Insights. It counts followers, monitors user engagement and evaluates your posts exposure. Use Page Insights to collect demographic data on your followers in order to target them better. This tool can also analyze incoming traffic showing strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. Has your post gone viral? Page Insights will inform you about it. Has the performance of your add dropped? You will surely know about that.

4. Highlighting Your Posts

When adding posts on the timelines, they immediately pop up in the newsfeed one after another, according to the time of publication. However, there are bits of content that deserve extra attention. Of course, you may spend some bucks on extra promotion or you can add some oomph to those for free. Hover over the post, click on the drop-down menu and choose the highlighting option. This will give your post an advantageous position on the page and a bit more screen space. Highlighting works best with new contests, special deals and limited offers as well as with important news/announcements.

5. Translation Tools

Language barriers have been lowered with FB translation tools. When some text written in a foreign language appears on your timeline or newsfeed, you can automatically translate it by Bing. This tool doesn’t always provide the exact translation (sometimes it even can’t define the language) but you may at least get an idea about what’s the comment is about. Bing translation is useful if your business offers services to international clients. So they may leave you comments in many different languages.

6. Shutterstock Images for Your Ads

Before, adding graphics to your ad was quite a tiresome task as you had to upload those yourself. Fortunately, Facebook has made a partnership with Shutterstock, a popular photo company. There are millions of free images in its database that can be used for free. You will surely find suitable graphics for any ad, be it a shampoo or mobile phone commercial.

7. Hashtags

Following the Twitter’s trend, FB introduced hashtags. If you aren’t a Twitter user, you might be wondering what they are about. Hashtags are keywords that are used in your text or describe your image; they have a # symbol before them. Some users are against hashtags on FB as they believe that this Twitter invention should belong only to the micro-blogging site. Others, however, prefer to have it and take advantage of this feature in order to publicize their content and bring in more followers. For example, if you use the hashtag #beauty, users interested in this exact tag will eventually run into your post.

8. Mobile FB Pages Manager

The routine of a successful top executive is quite chaotic: you need to visit conferences, sign up contracts and have many business trips. So, you may not have time and opportunity to access your PC to make some updates to your FB pages. But wait, instead of calling to the office, you can upload a special FB Page manager app and do all the work on the go using your mobile device. This app is being constantly updated, so you have access to all FB functions.

9. Places

This Facebook features is a great combination of Foursquare and Google Places as it takes the best from both: check-ins and GPS. When FB users convert into your customers and actually visit your shop, they may check in at your location. In such a way, this fact pops up in their timeline, so their friends are exposed to some kind of your business ad which is free for you. You may optimize the content of your Places to make further promotion more effective.

10. Scheduling Posts

It’s extremely important for a business to get the maximum online exposure. This goal can be reached by adding posts at optimal times of the day. However, you may be too busy to work on this task alone. Well, you may hire a content manager to do this for you. But what if you don’t have extra money to afford such a professional? That’s when a scheduled post option comes into play. It allows you to schedule the publication dates of your posts. You may set your publications up on weekends or night hours and they will appear exactly when you need them to appear!

Do you use FB’s features at their full potential? If yes, you are more advanced than many businesses that fail to take advantage of the aforementioned tricks. So, stay ahead of your rivals enjoying Facebook functionality.

7 July 2014
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